With Batman V Superman We Have Reached Peak 5 Star Insanity

Tara Sparling writes

I’ve been droning on about this for years, but I’ll say it again. 5 star reviews do not sell books. They do not sell movies. At this point, a 5 star review would have a job selling panty liners at a Justin Bieber concert.

Every time I meet a published author nowadays, I have the same conversation with them.

Author: I’ve been under pressure to get my review score up. I need more 5-star reviews.

Me: You know, I’ve never ever bought a book because of a 5 star review. I don’t believe them.

Author: But I need them.

Me: No, you don’t. I’ve bought far more books because of moany or irritating 2- and 3-star reviews I didn’t feel I’d agree with. 5 star reviews never sell me a book. Iassume they’re all lies.

Author: That’s an interesting viewpoint. But I need them to bring up my…

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