Making Peace with pain



The hot, sharp sear, cauterising your breath; that heavy, dull ache droning on, dragging your shoulders to the ground; the icy echo of isolation, or abandon, numbing your brain and slow-freezing the beat of your heart; pain takes on many forms.

At its most severe, pain may grab you by the back of the neck (as in my case) and lift your feet from the path. Suspended in its grip, initially your choices appear limited. You could try asking it nicely, through gritted teeth, to gently let you back down to the ground. Or you could resist its power, struggling to physically loosen yourself from the vice-like restraint. You can declare chemical warfare by downing a handful of strong medication, or stick your fingers in your ears and chant rude words and rhymes in loud defiance.

Or you can take a deep breath, and acquiesce.

When pain is movement-related, you…

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